Creation and design of leather

I am Eva Garcia Siñol, leather manufacturer and designer, alma mater of EVEGÉ. EVEGÉ is a leather goods brand made out of the passion for creating leather accessories, founded in 2021. Leather is a sustainable material because it is a by-product of the food industry that tanners recycle and revalue into consumer products useful to society.  So that it does not become a waste.

My enthusiasm for this natural, noble and exclusive article gave me the chance to study the leather from all it’s forms

First, I graduated as a leather tannery technician. During those years, I acquired knowledge about all leather manufacturing processes and quality.
Afterwards, I expanded my professional training in leather at the art and design school La Gaspar d’Igualada, where I learned the manipulation of leather and different techniques of sewing and patterning for the manufacture of leather goods.
All these factors together with the fact that I am part of a family dedicated to the production and commercialization of leather for two generations, mean that I always work with the best quality leather for my collections, always selecting the most suitable leather according to the article to be made.
All my learning in this world has led me to enhance the qualities of leather in the design of complements and accessories.
I like to explore the leather in each creation process to transform it into attractive and original objects.

I experiment with leather to create original pieces that stand out for their functionality, which is why each EVEGÉ creation combines the practicality of design with aesthetics and beauty.

I design very careful patterns that become unique and singular objects.
I work with traditional techniques to manipulate leather that seek the minimum environmental impact in production.

All the passion for the creation of leather goods results in EVEGÉ. A brand inspired by values ​​such as quality, craftsmanship and sustainability to make attractive and personalized leather goods that make a difference.

From La Torre de Claramunt I find the inspiration to design and craft the EVEGÉ collections. Original and different clothing accessories, innovative home accessories, fashion items, gift items and much more!


Created with the highest quality leather, all EVEGÉ items are handcrafted taking care of every detail in our small workshop.
From the design of the patterns to the sewing techniques, all our collections are made entirely by hand.

Only by working the leather with great care and with antique handcrafts  we can offer you personalized and unique items.

Our passion for leather and our commitment to craftsmanship guarantee 100% sustainable production.

Handcrafted leather goods with an innovative approach to making bags and all kinds of accessories and tailor-made items that will surprise you.

If you want to see how EVEGÉ leather goods are made, please make an appointment to visit our workshop and showroom with displays of the different collections.

Circular Economy

EVEGÉ articles are made only with leather from animals intended for human consumption.
Leather is an intrinsic material for meat consumption, the main source of protein for more than 90% of the world’s population. The leather industry recovers and recycles this by-product so that it does not become waste and revalues ​​it into elegant, noble and useful products for society. The leather sector is a key agent of the Circular Economy.
The choices we make as consumers, and in particular the materials used in the products we buy, have a significant impact on the environment.

The world needs materials that are sustainable, renewable, recyclable, biodegradable like leather and reduce the unnecessary dependence on plastic materials based on fossil fuels.

For this reason, at EVEGÉ we only work with leather to make all the items in our collections, thus claiming the key role of natural materials such as leather as Circular Economy and Sustainable Fashion products, to face the challenges of climate change .

Sustainable fashion

All the pieces in the different EVEGÉ collections are designed and created to have a long life, making it responsible and sustainable for the consumption.
In the same way, our commitment to Sustainable Fashion extends to the selection of materials: excellent quality leather.

Our commitment to Sustainable Fashion extends to the selection of materials: excellent quality leather.

The leather industry contributes to responsible and sustainable consumption by producing durable consumer goods: a leather item can last a lifetime.
Leather is a timeless material that can be used for many years, it is therefore a good that contributes to the reduction of consumerism, while providing elegance and style. Leather is opposed to fast fashion, the fashion of wearing and throwing away, whose enormous environmental impacts have recently begun to be highlighted.

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